Show closed dates in date picker


The date picker (showed when editing the shelf expire time, due dates, etc.) should show dates on which the library is closed by, for example dimming these dates or showing them in a different form of the typeface (perhaps italics). Mouseover text should also indicate that the library is closed on that date.

This will help avoid errors in which staff mistakenly extend a due date or shelf expiration date onto a holiday.


Under review

Display Publisher Release Date in Bib Record


It would be handy to have the catalog display the publisher's release date for titles than have been ordered, assuming that data has been imported from the vendor as part of the order record.  Read more »

Under review

Advanced date limiter in catalog not working properly


We've noticed that when using the publication date limiter on the advanced search screen, the results don't match what the label implies.

A search for records where the pubdate is "after" 2005 should return things published 2006 or later, but instead it includes those published in 2005 as well. The same is true for the "before" option. A sample syntax looks like this: "china after(2005) sort(pubdate)" Read more »

Under review
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