Add "Test notification method" to patron account screen


Lots of times patrons call to check on holds, only to find the item has come and gone - and then of course they complain that they were never notified.  This happens with phone, email, and text notifications, with, I'm sure, a variety of reasons for the failure.

It would be helpful to have a "test notification" button next to the email and text options, so when the patron is in the library we can send a test message to their notification option of choice, to make sure it works.  Read more »

Under review

Show only active hold count on item details page


A coworker put an item on hold, and the Item Details page said something like "10 holds on 2 items."  Because of this, she thought the item wouldn't come in for awhile, but then it came in the next day.  She checked to see why it came in for her so fast, and it turned out that all 10 of the other holds were suspended. Read more »

Under review

Allow a "quick-request" option for placing holds


I know this is definitely a nice-to-have wishlist type item, but a patron asked for it and it seemed useful.  The patron wanted to be able to select which parts (in his case, of DVD television series) to request right from the search results screen, instead of having to click through multiple pages.


Under review

Add a "Expired/Cancelled Holds" tab in patron online My Account


Our circ staff asked me to submit a request to add a way for patrons to log into their account and see holds that have been cancelled/exipred and sent back - exactly what staff can already see in the staff client. 

Sometimes patrons know they placed something on hold, but for whatever reason missed the hold notification, and so from their point of view it has just "disappeared."  Circ thought that allowing patrons to view these would help show what happened to them, and also give patrons an easy way to re-request them. Read more »

Completed development
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