Improved Printing Options in Staff Client


An example improvment would be ability to configure label templates to diverse outputs, e.g. sheets of labels or rolls or labels, directly in the staff client, without having to fiddle with forms or converters outside of Evergreen.


Current options are

Or a mail merge in Windows.


Under review

Pull list - better options for printing selected items


Version 2.3 include a new "Simplified Pull List Interface" which provides some very good needed flexibility to the pull list, and it's nice to have an additional option.

But one thing that would help a lot in the original pull list (and you would think it's possible from looking at the screen, but it isn't) would be to allow you to use the standard SHIFT and CONTROL keys to select multiple items in the list for printing. Right now you can configure the column picker, sort and sub-sort the list, but you then have no option but to print the entire list. Read more »


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