Option to hide the facet sidebar and other baggage in shared bookbags to improve embedding


It would be nice if we had the option to just show the results-page and to hide the facet_sidebar in the catalog. This would make for much more attractive embedded bookbags. What I am imagining is that you would add something to the query string, giving a URL like and that this would give you just the list and the list navigation without the headers, footers, sidebars, or search forms.

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Change (fix?) how shared bookbags work


We noticed the shared bookbags we've created as suggested reading lists for patrons don't act like we'd expect them to.  We've created a lot of these and link to them from our website.  One example is;page=0;locg=18... - it starts with (currently) 51 items, but if a patron sorts by author, title, etc, the total drops to 33.

It seems like the act of sorting eliminates any items we don't own from the list. Read more »

Completed development

Pull list - better options for printing selected items


Version 2.3 include a new "Simplified Pull List Interface" which provides some very good needed flexibility to the pull list, and it's nice to have an additional option.

But one thing that would help a lot in the original pull list (and you would think it's possible from looking at the screen, but it isn't) would be to allow you to use the standard SHIFT and CONTROL keys to select multiple items in the list for printing. Right now you can configure the column picker, sort and sub-sort the list, but you then have no option but to print the entire list. Read more »


In the attic
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