Allow users to sort holdings by any column


The user should be able to sort holdings, a-z or z-a, based on the content of any column.

This is particularly motivated by the fact that sometimes it is best to sort by call number, sometimes by part, and sometimes by status, but I see no reason to restrict the ability to certain columns.

In the attic

Allow staff running reports to select which columns appear


Ultimately what we would like to be able to do is create a report template that had a flag like modifiable when turned on would allow staff running a report to choose to include or remove columns from the report.  For instance we have a title list report that inlcudes: author, title, publisher, call number, circ modifier, and shelving location.  One library runs the report and does not want the circ modifier to appear in the list.   They have the option to run the report without the circ modifier appearing. 


Under review
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