Allow users to sort holdings by any column


The user should be able to sort holdings, a-z or z-a, based on the content of any column.

This is particularly motivated by the fact that sometimes it is best to sort by call number, sometimes by part, and sometimes by status, but I see no reason to restrict the ability to certain columns.

In the attic

Restore proper status when item checked in


Scenario: We have many books with the status of storage. When the book gets checked out, we are asked if we want to force the action, which is check it out. Of course, when it is returned, the status of storage is gone. It would be great if the status would remain with the item through the check out and check in process.


Under review

Billing should support other statuses inlcuding billed, lost, and lost and paid


 When an item is long overdue, rather than have the status be LOST, which is untrue, can the status show as  OVERDUE?  Or IN BILLS? 

When we MAKE an item status LOST, because a patron pays for it, then it can be called LOST.


Completed development
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