Course Reserves

Integrate Syrup course reserves into Evergreen


Integrate course reserves into Evergreen so that the course reserves system is directly retrieving users and copies from the Evergreen database rather than creating its own. Interfaces will also need to be rebuilt in AngularJS. We've been building work-in-progress requirements at

Under review

Provide a means to move from the item in Evergreen directly to Syrup and visa versa


In Millennium there was an indicator to which course an item was associated with. In Evergreen there is no such information and there should be.

In Syrup when you ask to see the item in the catalog we would like a way to open the item in the staff client.


Under review

Batch Editing for Course Sites


Since the same courses are frequently offered from one semester and/or one academic year to the next, it would be great if course sites could be batch updated to change the start and end terms.  This change would be useful only if other course site information (e.g. name, instructor) remained the same over time.

Under development
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