Patron record loading


Add a staff client interface to allow for batch loading of patron records. A set of requirements at can be used as a starting point.

Although Evergreen sites can currently load patron records in batch using scripts, the addition of a staff client interface will enable individual libraries to load these records whenever they have a new file that's ready to load.

Under review

Improvements to batch import of bib records


This idea is to implement a queued ingest for the purposes of implementing improvements for batch importing bibliographic records. Currently, staff need to limit the number of records they can import at one time. Importing too large of a batch can cause timeouts or can cause slowdowns for all users because of the high load that occurs when records are being ingested. Read more »

Under review

Option to copy notifications to Patron Message Center


We would like an option to add copies of certain types of notifications to the Patron Message Center at the same time they are emailed out. This would partially assist with the problem of emails getting lost in spam filters, particularly for patrons who use certain email services that are notorious for not allowing our emails through (ahem, AOL).

I would like to see it as an option on the Notifications/Action Triggers screen for each type of notification.

In the attic
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