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Show the system and branches' copy location filter on system level search or branch level search on TPAC Advanced Search page


It would be ideal if both system and branch level copy location filters could be displayed and used on Advanced Search page on public catalogue, and user could search system's, all branches', or 1 branch's copy location as needed. 

There has been development work in this regard already, but I thought I would submit an idea as I do not find an exact match on this idea site. There is a Launchpad ticket.

See LP #1346381



Under review

Allow Deletion of Copy Locations


Libraries need to be able to delete obsolete copy locations from the system.  Currently, copy locations cannot be deleted if they are associated with a copy, even if that copy itself is deleted.  This means that obsolete copy locations continue to display among the library's list of copy locations in the copy editor.  These defunct locations cause confusion and are sometimes selected inadvertently when new copies are added. Read more »


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