Prioritized list from October 2015 Public Catalog Working Group Meeting

Auto-suggest that suggests search terms as a user types them

Fix accessibility issues that prevent MassLNC Evergreen sites from using auto-suggest. This project may also include further enhancements to auto-suggest that have been submitted to the MassLNC Ideas site.

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Citations in APA, MLA or other styles from the record summary page

Add a link on the record summary page that will generate a citation for the user. The catalog should allow the user to select which citation style to use.

Did you mean? suggestions to appear on search results page

This project would restore the "Did you Mean?" functionality available in the old catalog to this catalog. This project should include the following improvements: 1) the "Did You Mean" suggestions should come from a list of indexed terms in the database instead of from a standard dictionary and 2) the catalog shouldnt suggest the words that the user just entered or suggest a search that will lead to empty results. 

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Electronic resources included in searches scoped to children's, YA, academic collections

The catalog scopes we built for children's, YA, academic collections are based on copy locations. However, the method we use for incorporating most of our electronic resources in the catalog do not allow them to appear when limitered by copy location. This project will provide a means of incorporating electronic resources in these scoped searches.

Exclude all electronic resources limiter for searching

The catalog should have a checkbox to exclude electronic resources that can be placed on the basic search page and/or the advanced search page.

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Facets on the search results page for format, publication date, copy location, etc.

We currently have the ability to add any MARC-based field as a facet in the search results, but we don't have the ability to configure facets based on format or copy data, such as a copy location. This project would give us the ability to do so.

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Highlight a user's entered search terms on the search results / record summary page

The search results page and record summary page should highlight the search terms that were part of the user's search. The selected terms should be based on the actual terms search, including the stemmed/variant term if that was part of the search. 

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My List interface general improvements

This project would address some general improvements to the My List interface that could possibly include(but not be limited to)

  • The ability to make temporary lists permanent.
  • The option to remove the facet bar from lists or to have choices for the way to style the page.
  • Moving titles between lists

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Printing, emailing, and texting from the record summary and my list page improvements

The public catalog should provide multiple options to print, email, download or text bibrecords or lists from the catalog. For each output option, the catalog should provide options for the output to be in a brief format or full format. Options should also include the ability to export to a citation manager.

Full project description:

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Search relevance improvements

This is a general project to improve/build upon the way the system handles relevance. Further discussion will be required to identify what factors are required to improve relevance with the overall goal being search results that are returned with more relevant titles appearing at the top.

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Search results display that gives patrons the option to search for non-stemmed, exact term matches for their search

If stemming (or other method of searching word variations) is enabled, the system should tell you which terms were searched on the search results page. It should then give you the option to search for exact terms only. 

Search speed improvements

General improvements for a faster return of search results.

Search widget improvements for the search box that appears at the top of the screen in the search results & record summary pages

Searching from this search widget always launches a keyword search, even if we started with a browse or numeric search. This project would allow searches conducted from the search bar to conduct whatever search is the most logical depending on where the user came from. 

Sortable copy information in the record summary

Allow users to control the sort order of copies in the record summary by clicking the appropriate field. The fields that should be sortable include library, copy location, call number and status.

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Truncate long fields (summary, table of contents) in catalog display with a "More" link to view the full contents of the field

When a summary field or table of contents field is a certain length, only show the first few lines of the field, followed by a "More" link. 

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