New Features Coming to Evergreen

It's rare that I get the urge to stand up and cheer in the middle of a library conference, but I certainly came close when I heard just one phrase at the Growing Evergreen 2010 International Conference: "true faceting." Faceting is one of several development ideas that have arisen in the meetings we've recently held with library staff. In fact, a number of upcoming Evergreen features are items that have been identified as development needs in these meetings. Most of these features will be part of Evergreen 2.0, slated for an alpha release in August. Read more »

Reports in Evergreen

A roundtable to discuss Evergreen reports was the first session of the System Administration hackfest at the Growing Evergreen 2010 International Conference. Equinox, a company that provides support and development services for Evergreen, has recently created canned reports for the system. Does this list of reports look like it will meet the needs of your library? Are there any other reports you think should be included as a canned report? Read more »

Growing Evergreen 2010

Next week, a contingent from the MassLNC project will be attending the Growing Evergreen 2010 International Conference. After spending so much time over the past couple of months discussing processes for the system, I am interested in seeing how new development compares to our process discussions. I am especially looking forward to sessions with tours of acquisitions and serials, roundtables to discuss reports and holds, and an update on development sponsored by King County Library System in Washington. Read more »

Identifying Ideal Processes in Evergreen

For the past month, we've been meeting with library staff to discuss the best way to complete tasks in the new system. Each working group has had representation from library staff in each of the three participating networks as well as network staff. Most groups started off with an in-person meeting, although there is one group that has been doing all of there work online. They are all continuing their work online so that we can quickly move forward with identifying development needs for Evergreen. Read more »

MassLNC's Learning Process

The MassLNC partner networks, C/W MARS, MVLC and NOBLE, continue to learn more about Evergreen and how to best implement it to meet the needs of our libraries.

Project Coordinator Kathy Lussier is conducting a series of use case discussions and focus groups with small groups of librarians from the participating networks, bringing them together to confirm the key needs of our participating libraries, and to provide some interaction and understanding between the libraries in the three networks. Read more »

Food for Thought

Tracy Swaim, Director of Member Services for MVLC, pulled together The Food for Thought Powerpoint that was show at last fall's information sessions. The presentation provides an analogy comparing proprietary Integrated Library Systems with Open Source Library Systems. Attached is a zip file containing the Powerpoint along with accompanying MP3 files.

Open Source Project Update

I just wanted to take a few moments to introduce myself. I am Kathy Lussier and have been working since February 1 as the coordinator for the MassLNC Open Source project. I come from the Southeastern Massachusetts Library System where I worked for more than seven years as the Assistant Administrator for Technology. For many years, I have been excited about the potential open-source systems offer for libraries, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to help C/W MARS, MVLC and NOBLE libraries move to Evergreen. Read more »

Open Source Informational Meeting Presentations

In October the Open Source Taskforce held two informational meeting for the libraries of the three networks working on Open Source.  Listed below are some of the presentations that were given that day.

Powerpoint Presentations

For what they are worth, we've attached a few Powerpoint presentations below that were developed to explain this "MassLNC" proposal. 

Feel free to use them as you wish.

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