Save the Date - MassLNC Evergreen Users Conference on May 15

MassLNC is planning its first Evergreen conference for staff working at libraries that are members of the MassLNC consortia (C/W MARS, MVLC and NOBLE).

The full-day event will be held at Worcester Technical High SchoolRead more »

Thank You for the Development Ideas

Thank you to everyone in the MassLNC community who contributed ideas over the past few weeks and gave a thumbs-up to the ideas they liked. Attached is a spreadsheet with a report of all the development ideas submitted and a network breakdown of who supported the ideas. Collecting these ideas was just the first step in the process for determining which development projects MassLNC will ultimately decided to implement. The process will continue as follows: Read more »

Three Days Remaining for Providing Input on Development Ideas

Just a reminder that library staff need to submit or like ideas for Evergreen development by the end of the day Thursday. Only a handful of people have shown their support for development ideas, and the Development Committee needs to hear from as many people as possible to get a clear direction on where development funds should be targeted. Read more »

Let Us Know What Your Development Priorities Are

The MassLNC Development Committee will soon begin setting priorities for its next round of development. We need to hear from library staff at C/W MARS, MVLC and NOBLE on where you would like to steer development funds. Read more »

MassLNC Sets Its Sights on Search Enhancements

MassLNC has begun the process of finding developers to work on search enhancement projects for Evergreen. These projects include an alphabetical author, title and subject browse for the catalog; a linear staff-friendly call number browse; a synonym list for search terms; support for using traditional Boolean operators in a search; and a simple method for excluding electronic resources from search results. Read more »

Stay Informed of MassLNC News

Tell Us Your Development Ideas

MassLNC announces the launch of its new Development Ideas site. With this site, staff from libraries that are members of the MassLNC participating networks (C/W MARS, MVLC, and NOBLE) are invited to submit their ideas for enhancements to Evergreen and show their support for other ideas that have been submitted. Read more »

MassLNC Development Committee Hits the Ground Running

The newly-formed MassLNC Development Committee started its work last month and is already very busy exploring ways to further improve Evergreen

MassLNC Contributes to Acquisitions Development

As MassLNC finished up its LSTA grant period on June 30, the participating networks agreed to commit its remaining development funds to high-priority acquisitions development with the expecatation that the new acquisitions features will be available in the next version of Evergreen (2.3.) MassLNC is one of four partners contributing to this project.

C/W MARS and NOBLE Are Live on Evergreen


Massachusetts became a little greener today with the migration of two consortia, C/W MARS and NOBLE, to Evergreen. They joined a third MassLNC consortium, MVLC, which moved to the open-source system in May 2011.

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