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Support for batch printing labels on 8 1/2 x 11 sheets

  • The system should provide the ability to print batches of spine and pocket labels on 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of labels.
    • The system should support multiple label dimension templates where users define label height and width; the number of columns and rows on each sheet; the size of the top margin and left margin on the page; and the vertical and horizontal pitch.
    • A consortium should have the ability to set up a variety of label dimension templates that are available for libraries to view and use for label printing.
    • Other organizational units should have the ability to create their own label dimension templates that are only accessible to staff at their library or at child organizational units.
    • The system should print spine labels across the rows. For example, when printing a batch of seven labels on a sheet with five columns of labels, the system should first print five labels across the first row and should print the remaining labels using the first two labels in the second row.
    • The system should provide users wtih the ability to identify a starting label for printing. For example, if the sheet has already been used to print four labels, the user should be able to start the next batch of printing on the fifth label in the first row.
    • The system should support the ability to print on sheets that only contain spine labels, those that only contain pocket labels, and those that contain both spine and pocket labels.
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