Option to use a commercial SMS API for SMS messages


We would like the option to use a commercial SMS API for sending text messages.  This would bypass all the issues involved with using the SMS to email gateways and requiring customers to know and choose their provider.


1.  Users don't need to know their provider.  Because of all the virtual providers that just piggyback off of the majors, this can sometimes be tricky.  Many kids don't know/care about the provider that their parents choose.  It would just be one less thing to deal with.

2. No need to keep up to date on new virtual providers and what their gateway is.

3. No worry about spam filtering blocking the email to sms messages.

4. No worry about patrons not updating their provider when they port their numbers to someone new.

5. Many APIs have methods for delivering a reports about the sms delivery attempt, to automate dealing with bad phone numbers.


1. Not free, there is a cost to send each message. 

2. Need to setup an account with a 3rd party.

We currently use flowroute.com for our phone notifications, they also have an SMS API. They charge $0.004/message, so sending 10,000 messages is $40.

I started a launchpad bug about this a year ago also.  https://bugs.launchpad.net/evergreen/+bug/1667080



Under review