Support for Inventory Date


This is a scaled-down version of the idea to add an Inventory Module in Evergreen. This idea is to add support for an inventory date to facilitate the process of performing inventory in Evergreen Libraries.

I immediately am moving this idea to the Planned area of the Ideas site since the development committee is already writing requirements for this project.


Planned development


Re: Support for Inventory Date


Draft requirements are available at This project would allow users to:

  • Select a checkin modifier on the check in screen to apply the inventory date and workstation to a copy
  • Update the inventory date and workstation to a batch of items from Item Status.

The check-in workflow was discussed during the last Development Committee meeting. I added the action to the Item Status interface because it seemed like it wouldn't add too much complexity to the project and would be useful for those who are not scanning barcodes directly into Evergreen when performing inventory.