Inventory Date Requirements

Support for Inventory Date

This project will add support for a copy inventory date in the database to facilitate the process of performing inventory in libraries. Based on the MassLNC idea and discussion at

  1. Two new fields should be added to the asset.copy table:
    1. Inventory date
    2. Inventory workstation
  2. A modifier should be added to the check in screen:
    1. As items are scanned with the modifier enabled, the above inventory fields are updated with the current date/time and the current workstation.
    2. Current behavior for updates to the asset.copy and status_changed_time should continue (i.e. these fields are updated if the copy’s status is updated as part of the check in).
  3. An action should be added to the Item status screen that allows the user to update the inventory date and workstation for a batch of items.
  4. The two new fields should be available for reporting in the Evergreen reporter in the same sources that other asset.copy data is available.
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