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Here are two column picker improvement ideas. (I'm happy to split these into posts if that is more appropriate).

1. The column picker should remain on screen until dismissed. Currently the column picker closes whenever a column is added or removed from the selection. Because adding or removing multiple columns is so common the user should be allowed to open the column picker a single time and add or remove any number of columns. The column picker could then be dismissed by clicking outside of the column picker or by clicked an "x" or other appropriate close button.

2. It should be possible to filter the columns displayed in the column picker by entering text into a text field. Only column names that match the entered text should be displayed. The filtering should happen as characters are entered, i.e. it should not be nesseary to type enter or click a search or filter button. This would make it easy to quickly find a column without knowing where it is listed and with a minimum of scrolling.


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I agree with both of these ideas, especially the first one -- the column picker looks so great in the web client but it's very annoying to have to open it again to add each new column.

For the second one, I have seen this kind of autocomplete filtering work a couple of different ways -- by the first word, by any word and just as a string.

Option 1: You hit S and list filters to columns whose names start with S 

Option 2: You enter S and you get columns whose names have a word starting with S, not necessarily the first word (could be Copy Status and TCN Source)

Option 3: You enter S and get any columns that have an S in the name, you enter T and get any columns whose names have the string ST (could be Copy Status and Last Checkin)

I'm partial to Option 2 myself.

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I was thinking of Elizabeth's option 3 (any name containing the string entered matches) but would also be happy with Elizabeth's option 2 (any name with a word starting with the string enetered matchs). Option 1 would be overly restrictive.

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Hi- I would like it if changes made to column picker were sticky.

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I agree. The current "save column configuration" option is confusing. Perhaps it has been improved in the web client?

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Adding a link to, which was filed during the Evergreen developer hack-a-way after a discussion about web client column pickers. It would address issue #1, allowing users to select multiple column pickers at one time.