Staff should be flagged in "checkout" when a patron's registration will soon expire.


It is very frustrating for patrons when their registrations expire now that there is much they can do from home.  It would help if patrons expiring in the calendar month/year would have some alert on their records.  For instance, all card holders expiring in October 2017 would have some sort of message/alert on their checkout screens beginning Sept. 30, 2017.  That way staff can stay ahead of the game.


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Re: Staff should be flagged in "checkout" when a patron's ...


There is a Library Setting available that will do just as you requested. The consortium/library can configure the number of days ahead of time that this alert should display.

However, I'm not going to move this idea to the attic yet because this setting doesn't appear to work in the web client. I'll keep this idea around until the problem gets fixed.

I filed a bug on this problem at