Improved copy template management system


This idea is a combination of three previously-submitted MassLNC ideas and is something that has been discussed in the comments for a few years. 

The idea is to create a new copy template management system that makes it easier for users to create, edit, use, rename, and share copy templates. The specific improvements mentioned in different ideas are:

- improve the ways the templates are shared so that they don't need to be imported / exported. It was best described by Elizabeth Thomsen in "what we really want is to get away from the whole business of importing and exporting templates, and to have a template management interface where someone with the authorization can create, edit and delete templates and assign them to their org unit or specific workstations or users."

- more intuitive ways to edit and rename templates.

- better ways to access / navigate through templates when applying them in the copy editor (alphabetical sorting, keyboard navigation, etc.)

Previously-submitted ideas that touched upon this topic are and I'll place those in the attic and move their likes over to this idea.


Under review