Homebound/Outreach Module


We serve a lot of homebound/outreach patrons for whom staff are responsible for providing RA selection rather than just recommendations.  Having a module that would allow staff the ability to maintain a brief circulation history with the option for staff to enter notes/ratings based on feedback (patrons would have to opt in, of course) would be exceptionally helpful.  That circ history would just be a yes/no on having previously borrowed rather than a detailed history.

We have staff using the patron circ history that's available through the My Account, but it gets unwieldy (and frequently fails to load for heavy readers).


Under review


Re: Homebound/Outreach Module


Besides staff accessing checkout history for a homebound patron, it might be useful to have a few other features.

Seperate Hold Shelf or alert during hold shelf checkin.  In our system we keep items that come in for homebound holds on a seperate shelf.  So it would be nice if either the items were routed to a seperate shelf, or if there was an alert for staff to know that the hold is for a homebound patron.

Longer on holdshelf time for these patrons.  Since homebound delivery might only happen monthly or longer, it would be nice to be able to have their items automatically have a longer time on the holdshelf.