Volume/Copy Templates: Rename/Sort/Find


Three suggestions in one:

  1. An easier way to rename volume/copy templates instead of
    > Apply
    > Save
    > Name
    > Choose the old one
    > Delete
  2. A more streamlined way of sorting templates. (Currently, template sorting is case-sensitive [“Name” before “name”] and favors punctuation over nothing [“Name – Example” before “Name”].
  3. Ability to key up and down when template field is highlighted instead of choosing from drop-down menu every time.



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Re: Volume/Copy Templates: Rename/Sort/Find


Thank you for submitting the idea Rachel! Since we have long discussed the idea of improved template management in Evergreen, I created a new idea today that merges this and another idea that propose to improve template management. The new idea is at http://masslnc.org/node/3349

Re: Volume/Copy Templates: Rename/Sort/Find