Are these development ideas still important to you?

MassLNC is cleaning up the ideas on the Development Ideas site to make it easier for staff to navigate the site and find ideas they want to support. We have gathered together all of the ideas that have not received any likes and posted them at It's possible that these ideas are still important, but staff have not been able to find them because they are too difficult to find on the Ideas site. They may also be ideas that have been fulfilled by new Evergreen features that are similar, but don't match the original request. Or they may be ideas that were important shortly after migrating to a new system, but are no longer an issue.

Are any of the ideas at still important to you? If so, give those ideas a 'like' to preserve it on the site. Ideas that don't receive any more activity over the next week will be retired before we kick of our FY18 development Ideas process.