Automatically Set Home Library with Zip Code Provided


When a patron applies for a new library card, or changes addresses for that matter, woudln't it make sense to have the home library automatically be set to match the patrons zipcode and not the library presenting the card?  If not, I'm curious as to the reason why it doesn't ? It justs seems like a confusing aspect of the software. If a patron wants to change the pick up library it is an option the way things stand now.  I don't know how numbers come across on ARIS or any other type of report, but it certainly must be confusing to see a percentage of a library's patronage owning cards from another library?



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Re: Automatically Set Home Library with Zip Code Provided


Thank you for the idea Kevin! This idea appears to be a duplicate of the one submitted at I'm going to place this idea in the attic, but I recommend that you like the idea that was previously submitted.

As I mentioned in the previous idea, different consortia have different policies about what should be used as a home library. If any development is done, it should be an optional autofill.