Upcoming MassLNC development includes performing batch actions from search results and searching report templates

The MassLNC Development Committee voted earlier this month to proceed with several development projects that were identified as priorities to MassLNC partners.

These development projects are the first to be implemented through the new MassLNC Evergreen Development Initiative. The initiative is an opportunity for libraries and consortia running Evergreen to maximize their resources by pooling funds to sponsor exciting new features and needed bug fixes in Evergreen.

The projects were selected after reviewing ideas submitted to the MassLNC Development Ideas site. Library and consortium from the MassLNC partner sites participated in the process by liking the ideas that were important to them.

MassLNC has contracted with Sigio and with Evergreen developer Bill Erickson to perform work on the following projects:

MassLNC has also contracted with Equinox Open Library Initiative to develop technical specifications for the following projects:

Two other projects were considered for funding this year.

The above projects were funded by the MassLNC development partners:

  • Bibliomation (Collaborator)
  • C/W MARS (Full Member)
  • Evergreen Indiana (Collaborator)
  • Georgia PINES (Collaborator)
  • Howe Library (Idea Generator)
  • NOBLE (Full Member)
  • Sitka (Collaborator)