keep limited holds history for when patrons claim not to have an item belonging to another library


I know this probably breaks with confidentiality etiquette, but it would be helpful to keep a little bit of holds history on bib records that we could access.

What happens is that an item, belonging to another library, gets checked out to a patron who claims that s/he never checked out the item, never wanted it, and has no idea how it got checked out to him/her.  It could be helpful to go to the bib and find patrons who placed holds on that item with your pickup location, or note that the hold fell on this particular copy (we could see the barcode number that got captured) and then we could give the patron who really did place a hold a call and find out if they indeed have the said item right in their house and check out the item properly, to them. 

Or, if we discover that the hold was placed in the same name as the checkout, we could remind the patron that they did place the hold...unless we really messed up and placed the hold on the wrong record and checked out on the wrong record, but patrons get notified and give us their names when coming to pick up holds.

I did call cwmars once to get this info and they helpfully provided it. 






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Re: keep limited holds history for when patrons claim not to ...

If we stored this on the item record instead of the bib then it doesn't seem that different than keeping a record of the last patron to check out an item, which we already do. We might want to specify a retention period for this information, since it seems unlikely to be important long after the request.

If this is an issue that comes up frequently, I could see this being worthwhile.