Quote from Bill Erickson for FY17 Projects

Ability to Retrieve Last x Patrons

Estimate is $600 with an NTE amount of $1800

Ability to search report templates

The estimate is based on the idea that the searching will be rudimentary.  There will be no relevancy ranking, stemming, etc.  Either a template contains the exact terms (case and order insensitive) or it does not. Sort order will be by template name.

Without paging, estimate is $1000 with an NTE amount of $3000. 

With paging, Assuming a fairly simple UI (hits per page, next page, previous page, jump to first page), I expect this would add 3 hours (+$600) to the project. Configurable sort options and listing page counts (page X of Y -- i.e. calculating the total number of results) would require more API changes and add more time.

Note: I consulted with the consortium staff participating on the reports working group, and there was concern that there could be performance issues if paging were not included in the development.

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