Strategic Development Initiative Survey

MassLNC is looking for feedback on a large, strategic development initiative we should be supporting over the next couple of years. The five development initiatives under consideration are:

More information about each of these initiatives can be found at These five initiatives were selected based on focus group discussions we had in the fall with library/consortium staff from the MassLNC partner sites.

We are asking that library and consortium staff at MassLNC partner sites to help us select an initiative by filling out a survey at

For this survey, we ask that each respondent should imagine that they have $3 to spend on development for the below initiatives. You can spend all $3 on one project that you believe is more important than any other or you can choose to divide up the $3 (in whole dollars) among two or three projects. All survey responses are due by May 5, 2017.

Thank you in advance to everyone for helping the MassLNC Development Committee to select a project that will benefit all of our Evergreen libraries!