Evergreen Indiana Is the Newest Partner to Join MassLNC

MassLNC is pleased to announce that Evergreen Indiana is the newest collaborator in the MassLNC Evergreen Development Initiative. 

Evergreen Indiana, a growing consortium of more than 100 libraries in Indiana, will join other MassLNC partners to help identify, fund, and implement new enhancements and bug fixes in Evergreen. The Indiana group is joining C/W MARS (Massachusetts), NOBLE (Massachusetts), Bibliomation (Connecticut), BC Libraries Cooperative (Canada), Georgia PINES (Georgia) and Howe Library (New Hampshire) as MassLNC partners.

The MassLNC Evergreen Development Initiative is an opportunity for libraries and consortia running Evergreen to maximize their resources by pooling funds to sponsor exciting new features and needed bug fixes in Evergreen.

Since July 2016, the MassLNC Development Committee has been working to identify projects to receive immediate funding through the collaborative. The Initiative is currently waiting to receive quotes for several development projects identified as priorities by our users, including the ability to perform actions on a batch of items selected from the catalog's search results page, the ability to place book club holds on multiple copies in one step, the ability to search report templates, and support for alternate patron names.

In addition, the collaborative has been meeting with library and consortium staff over the past few months to identify a strategic development initiative to implement over the next couple of years. We'll be asking participating library staff to complete a survey during the month of April to help us make a final decision on which initiative we want to pursue.

The addition of new partners to the initiative ensures that more people have a voice in upcoming new features while enabling us to fund more and bigger projects.  Welcome Indiana!