Revision of General Guidelines and Requirements for Submitting Proposals from Wed, 03/29/2017 - 10:07am

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  • All quotes should be sent to MassLNC coordinator Kathy Lussier at by 11:59 p.m. EDT, Friday, April 28, 2017.
  • Any development must be made available under the GNU General Public License version 2 or later and the code must be shared in a public git repository.
  • Any enhancements made to the public catalog or the web client must be accessible to visually-impaired users and should be designed responsively to display well in screens of all sizes, including mobile devices.
  • Any new strings added should be translatable into different languages.
  • If MassLNC contracts with a developer, MassLNC expects the developer to share plans and communicate with the Evergreen developer community to help ensure the code is acceptable to the community.
  • Prior to coding, MassLNC expects the developer to do one of the following to communicate their plans:
  • Any enhancements that result from this work should not negatively impact system performance. MassLNC will perform tests before and after new code is added to verify that performance is not diminished.Every proposal for this work should include a section that addresses performance.
    • If the developer/vendor believes the work cannot be done without some negative impact on performance, the proposal should describe where performance issues may arise and the expected severity of the performance impact.
    • Conversely, if there are opportunities to improve performance in the course of this project, those opportunities should be outlined along with any additional financial costs that might arise as a result of doing the project in a way that leads to improved performance.
    • If the developer/vendor does not anticipate any positive or negative impacts to performance, this fact should also be clearly stated in the proposal.
  • The proposal should provide one of the following statements:
    • A statement that confirms the proposed project meets all of the requirements as specified by MassLNC.
    • A statement that explicitly identifies which requirements will not be met by the proposed scope of work.
  • All of MassLNC's current development projects include mockups. There are two types of mockups, and MassLNC has identified on requirements and mock-ups page which type of mock-up is included for the project:
    • For small, contained projects, the mock-ups are a faithful representation as to how MassLNC would like the project implemented. Although minor tweaks are expected in implementation, the developer should submit a request to MassLNC if he/she recommends changes that are beyond minor tweaks.
    • For the other projects, the mockups are there for illustrative purposes on how we envision the functionality working. The developer is free to deviate from the proposed design within reason, but we still expect the developer to work on layout and design in consultation with MassLNC.


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