Ability to Retrieve Last X Patrons


Staff currently have the ability to retrieve the last patron via the Circulation menu or the F8 key. This project would give staff the ability to retrieve up to x patrons from the menu, with x being determined by a library setting.


The mock-up below is a faithful representation as to how MassLNC would like the project implemented. If the developer wishes to make changes to this display or layout, he/she should first request the change from MassLNC before proceeding.


  1. A setting should be available via the Library Settings Editor to designate the the maximum number of recent patrons that should be stored to support this feature. 
  2. When a patron is retrieved, the patron's id should be stored in a cookie as is currently done with eg.circ.last_patron. The browser should store the last patron data for up to x number of patrons as determined by the above Library Setting.
    1. This patron data should be cleared out when the browser is closed or when the user logs out, as is the case with eg.circ.last_patron. See more details on current behavior at https://bugs.launchpad.net/evergreen/+bug/1527694. 
  3. A 'Retrieve Recent Patrons' action should be added to the web client's Circulation menu. This menu item should be in addition to the 'Retrieve Last Patron' menu item and not a replacement for it.
    1. Clicking this action should retrieve a dedicated interface that displays no more than the most recent x patrons. 
    2. A grid with patron information should display in this interface.
    3. If the new library setting is set to 1 or fewer patrons, the 'Retrieve Recent Patrons' menu item should not display.
    4. If the new library setting is set to 0, neither the 'Retrieve Recent Patrons' menu item nor the 'Retrieve Last Patron' menu item should display.

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