Ability to search report templates

Reports-01-2017 - Ability to search report templates


Staff should have the ability to search report templates by title or description across all folders or within a specific folder.


  1. Staff should be able to search report templates by title, by description, or by both fields at the same time. 
  2. Staff should have the option to search across all folders or to select a specific folder or subfolder to perform the search.
  3. Search results should display the name of the template; the description; the create date; the template owner, and the documentation URL, if available.
    1. Although not a requirement of this project, MassLNC preference is to also display the folder/subfolder in which the template is located, with a link to jump directly to that folder
  4. The search box should be easily accessible, displaying at the top of the reports interface.
  5. The search should retrieve reports that match all the entered search terms. See search examples below.
  6. Staff should only retrieve templates in folders that they have permission to view. Templates that are not shared with them should not be retrievable from a search.

Search Examples:

A title search for count circulation month should retrieve report templates with the following titles:

  • Count of Circulations by Date: Month
  • Count of Circulations by Circ Modifiers and Date: Month
  • Count of Circulations by Statistical Category and Date: Month
  • Count of Circulations by Day of the Week and Date Range: Month
  • Count of Circulations by Hour of the Day and Date: Month

An all fields search for fund fiscal year should find the following reports:

  • title: Fund report description: Fund summary by library and fiscal year.
  • title: Fund report by fiscal year [no description]
  • title: List of direct charges description: List of direct charges by library, debit type, fund and fiscal year.



The intent of the above mock-up is to convey the idea of how we would like this development to be implemented. The developer is free to deviate from the proposed mockup provided it is done in consultation with MassLNC.

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