Performing batch actions in the catalog

OPAC-01-2017 - Batch selection from the Search Result Page


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This project allows users to easily select multiple titles from the search results screen and to perform actions on those titles. It also adds print and e-mail actions to My Lists.

Mockups for this project are available at


  1. Checkboxes should be available for individual results on the search results page allowing users to select multiple titles.
    1. When a checkbox is selected, highlighting should be applied to the result as a visual cue. Evergreen sites should be able to customize the color of this highlighting.
    2. The title should be added to a cart that displays at the top of the page so that it is visible in search results and when viewing individual records. As each title is added, a counter on the cart should display how many titles have been added to the cart. 
    3. If the user navigates to another page in the result set, the selected titles should remain in the cart.
    4. A 'select all' checkbox should be available to select all titles on a page.
  2. Once titles are selected, users should be able to act on these selections in both of the following ways:
    1. A dropdown menu should be available at the top of the search results page where the user can perform actions listed in requirement 3 on the selected titles.
    2. The user should also be able to click the cart or the 'x selected items' link to access the cart and further manipulate the selected titles:
      1. All of the actions listed in requirement 3 should also be available in the dropdown menu in the cart.
      2. The cart should also provide options to remove selected titles or remove all titles from the cart. 
      3. An option should also be available to sort the cart titles by title, author, publication date and popularity (i.e. all of the sort options currently available in temporary lists). Changing the sort order should also change the order in which the titles are printed or e-mailed. 
  3. Users should be able to perform the following actions on the selected titles:
    1. Place a hold - When selected, the catalog retrieves the same interface currently used when placing holds from a list. When this interface is retrieved through either of the methods in requirement 2,this interface should also provide an option to 'remove selections when done.' 
    2. Add to a list - The catalog should allow users to add to a specific list or to create a new list.
      1.  After selecting this option, the system should provide a dialog informing the user how many items will be added to the list, providing an option to 'remove selections when done', and allowing the user to change the list before hitting 'Submit'.
    3. Print - Before printing, the system should inform the user how many titles are to be printed, provide an option to 'remove selections when done', and ask for confirmation to proceed.
      1. The system should print the same fields that are included when printing from the record summary page.
      2. The bibliographic information for each title should be grouped in the same printout. The printout should display one title after another on the page with sufficient spacing between each title to make the printout legible. There should NOT be page breaks between each title.
    4. Email - Before emailing, the system should inform the user how many titles are to be emailed, provide an option to 'remove selections when done', and ask for confirmation to proceed.
      1. The system should e-mail the same fields that are included in the existing e-mail launched from the record summary page.
      2. The bibliographic information for all titles should be grouped into one e-mail message. 
    5. Add to record bucket - this option should only be available when logged into the client. When selected, the system should provide a dialog where the user can select the bucket (or create a new bucket) to which the titles can be added. The dialog should also provide an option to 'remove selections when done.'
  4. Options to e-mail and print should also be added to temporary lists and permanent lists.
    1. The system should respond to each of these actions in the same manner as described in requirement 3. However, the option to 'remove selections when done' should not be presented to the user when the action is initiated from a list.
  5. Users should have the option to perform actions on an entire list/cart or on selected items in the list/cart.
  6. Removing an item from a cart should deselect it in the search results page and vice versa.
  7. If javascript is required for the implementation of this project, the developer should conform to community standards for its use.

About the Cart

The cart will generally have the same properties as a temporary list. The titles in a cart should 'disappear' at the end of the session. Differences between a cart and present-day temporary lists are:

  • You can add to a cart simply by selecting items on the search results page. There is no need to select an 'add to list' option.
  • The 'cart' terminology is something that may be more understandable to users than the 'temporary list' terminology.
  • When retrieving a cart, the contents should display in its own interface, separate from other lists that may be owned by the user.

The community may want to consider the removal of the temporary lists once the cart is available since both essentially serve the same purposes.


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