Provide option to immediately suspend holds at hold placement time



Users should have the option to immediately suspend a hold and set an activation date at the time the hold is placed.


  1. An checkbox input should be added to the Place Hold screen to suspend the hold as soon as it is placed. 
  2. The screen should also include an option that can toggle the display of an input box to enter the date that the hold should be activated.
    1. Clicking this toggle should automatically select the checkbox option to suspend the hold if it wasn't already selected. 
  3. When the user is placing a hold on a list of titles via the My List 'place hold' action, the option to suspend should apply to all holds in the list. 
  4. The development should address concerns identified at
  5. Mock-ups for this development project are available at The mock-ups are a faithful representation as to how MassLNC would like the project implemented. If the developer wishes to make significant changes to the format or layout, he/she should first request the change from MassLNC before proceeding.



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