Ability to place multiple holds simultaneously



Pa​trons and staff should have the ability to place multiple holds for the same title simultaneously by specifying a quantity in the place hold screen. 


  1. The option to specify a quantity should only be visible to users who have the CREATE_DUPLICATE_HOLDS permission. or another permission that is distinct from the HOLD_EXISTS.override.
  2. The page should provide a number type input field for users to enter the number of copies. The default number of copies should be 1. If the user changes the number of copies to a number that is less than 1, the system should provide a user-friendly error message telling them to enter a number of at least 1. 
  3. After submitting a hold request for multiple copies, the system should provide a dialog alerting the user that they are submitting a hold for x number of copies and asking the to confirm or cancel the hold placement.
    1. If the user selects Cancel, the user should be returned to the place hold page where they can update the # of copies and other hold details. 
    2. If the user confirms the hold, the user should arrive at the hold success/failure page with no other prompts to proceed with the hold. For example, when users currently place a second hold on an item, they receive a HOLD_EXISTS prompt that they are allowed to override if they have the HOLD_EXISTS permission. This prompt shouldn't appear in this new workflow.
  4. Users should have the ability to specify the number of holds for title holds and metarecord holds. This new functionality should not be available for part holds, volume or copy holds.
  5. A library setting should be available to set the maximum number of simultaneous holds that can be placed in one request. 
  6. Mock-ups for this development project are available at http://masslnc.org/node/3300. The mock-ups are a faithful representation as to how MassLNC would like the project implemented. If the developer wishes to make significant changes to the format or layout, he/she should first request the change from MassLNC before proceeding.
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