Web Client - improvements for mobile devices


One of the benefits of moving to a web client will be making the client more mobile, but opening it on a small screen at this point doesn't resolve nicely because of how much content there is and how it is laid out.

Making the interface work nicely on a small tablet or smart phone is a desirable long-term goal.

Another request is to take advantage of a mobile device's camera to allow the device to scan barcodes into the web client. This woiuld remove the necessity of attaching a third party barcode scanner or typing in the barcode manually.


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Re: Web Client - improvements for mobile devices

Having the client work on small screens is very desirable.

The camera issue seems less urgent, as on both iOS and Android you can install free keyboards that add this functionality to all apps.

Re: Web Client - improvements for mobile devices


Another possible improvement to leverage running the client on mobile devices is the holds pull list idea outlined here - http://markmail.org/message/c3s3ddqyit6ejaty. Rather than putting this functionality in an app, we could add this functionality to the web client so that it could be run in a browser.