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We have an option on our registration cards that allows Patron A to give permission for other patrons to pick up their holds (without Patron A's card). This can be added via the alert field or by adding an alert via Messages, and the wording is inconsistant depending on who registers the patron. I would love a checkbox on the register patron tab that would just produce this alert - could either be set state-wide for one setting or else be library-specific (set by the circ manager or something) depending on whether libraries ask every patron a specific question.


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Adding a note that for the specific use case mentioned here, we also have the idea here to make it easier to handle those times when a user picks up a hold on behalf of another patron. Within the comments of that idea is the notion of using the underlying Friends infrastructure (already available in Evergreen but unused) to identify who is allowed to be picking up holds for a patron. 

From what I read in the description, it sounds like this idea is to provide a more generic place to store local alert information, but I wanted to point others in the direction of that idea if they are specifically concerned with the holds pickup use case.

Re: Checkbox for Library Specific Messages

Hi Kathy,

Your proposed improvements (mentioned here) are to what I'm ultimately speaking -- but my suggestion is for the very first step in this patron/proxy equation, ultimately to standardize something my library does about 75% of the time. (E.g., sometimes specific patrons are named as proxies, sometimes "husband/wife" is mentioned, but most times it's just "allows others to pick up holds".) And this checkbox could be used for far more than just holds - really anything a library requires in their registration process that isn't a standard field in Evergreen.



Re: Checkbox for Library Specific Messages

In our library we use the group option;  if the patron in front of us is in the group, they can pick up holds for any others in the group.