Create an Address "Invalidate" Button


The buttons that allow us quickly mark an email address or phone number as "Invalid" are really useful. A similar button to show that an address was invalid would save a huge amount of time and would help cut down on the number of Alert Messages. I type individual Alerts about updating mailing addresses for patrons at least 3 times a day, and sometimes many more!


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Re: Create an Address "Invalidate" Button


To provide a little more information, there is a way to mark an address as invalid currently, though it works a little differently than the Invalidate buttons. UN-checking the "Valid Address" checkbox associated with the address will cause the address to display in red when viewing the patron record. It will also add an (Invalid Address) indication at the top of the patron record.

It does not move the address to a note or automatically add an alert in Messages like the invalidate buttons for email and phone do.

So perhaps the existing Valid Address checkbox should be changed to more closely match the functionality of the Invalidate buttons.

Re: Create an Address "Invalidate" Button

I think notices for accounts with an invalid address still show up in the file we use to print overdue notices?  Would we be able to stop those being generated in order to avoid the potential for paying postage on a known bad address?

Re: Create an Address "Invalidate" Button

Michelle, I believe that marking an address invalid can trigger a standing penalty, which does add a message to the standing penalty/messages page.  In our system there is a "INVALID_PATRON_ADDRESS" standing penalty that is set with the staff_alert flag as true.  So on patron record load, a message about having an invalid address is shown.