Show the system and branches' copy location filter on system level search or branch level search on TPAC Advanced Search page


It would be ideal if both system and branch level copy location filters could be displayed and used on Advanced Search page on public catalogue, and user could search system's, all branches', or 1 branch's copy location as needed. 

There has been development work in this regard already, but I thought I would submit an idea as I do not find an exact match on this idea site. There is a Launchpad ticket.

See LP #1346381



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This could be related to the idea of making SHOW MORE DETAIL a default setting that was tossed about before.  This would help those of us who have branch libraries see all our holdings at once. 

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Hi Amy,

There is a setting in Evergreen that allows the catalog to show more details by default, so that feature wouldn't be a development idea. However, it's ultimately a consortium decision to enable that setting.

I think this idea is a different issue because it relates to your ability to effectively apply copy location filters to a search. I've received several questions on this feature just recently, so I think it's worthwhile to review how it works.

On the advanced search page, you can only see the copy location limiter if the search's scope is set to a branch (Jones Library, North Amherst, etc.). If the scope is set at the System (e.g. Amherst), the user will not be able to filter by copy location, which limits its utility.

There is code in the above-mentioned bug that attempted to change the behavior so that the selector would appear when a system is selected. However, the code didn't work in my testing. Also, another possible problem with the code is that copy locations owned by branches would not display if the scope was set at a system. For example, if one branch had a copy location, like Historical, that was not used in other branches, those copy locations would not be available for limiting on system-wide searching. I think there are some Evergreen sites that would like the ability to list branch copy locations there.

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Adding a note that the code has been updated to support this feature. I keep meaning to test it out, but other tasks have been taking precedence. I'll try to look at it this week to see if it works correctly.