Holds on missing items


If an item has a hold on it and gets marked Missing, it should immediately retarget the hold.

If it is the last copy so cannot retarget the hold, it should cancel the hold and notify the patron.



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Re: Holds on missing items


Re: Holds on missing items


I've run into this problem since we mark items that have been in transit for longer than 6 weeks missing.  This puts the hold request in an odd state because the missing item has already been captured.  What seems to work is to set the target copy, capture_time and prev_check_time to null, so the next targeting run will re-target the hold.

We have reports that list the holds that have no current possibility of currently being filled that staff take care of.  Sometimes we re-order the titles, sometimes we ILL them.  I don't think I would want the holds to just be canceled, since many customers would never know it happened.