Metaholds: Improve workflow


Few patrons (or staff) ever click on the Advanced Hold Options link - if the metahold options were displayed differently, perhaps on the main hold screen rather than on a separate Advanced screen, I think they would be used more.

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Re: Metaholds: Improve workflow


We also have code coming that will set the 'group formats & editions' search as the deault. Once set as the default, holds placed from the initial grouped results screen will automatically display those advanced options. However, holds placed from other screens will continue to not show those options.

Another thought is to re-think the way you get to that holds screen. If you look at the mockups we created for MR-4 at (still an unfunded project), there are options right on the search results page to place the metarecord hold or, after drilling down to the edition level, on a specific title. I think there are multiple ways we could approach workflow improvements here.

Re: Metaholds: Improve workflow

We did some initial testing of the new metarecord grouping default and this functionality did work well, but it also ended up breaking some of the next/prev record links so we've disabled it for now until we have a chance to scrutinize it more closely.