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I looked over this site, but I could not find whether or not this has been addressed but I think that we need a preferred name field in Evergreen.This would help us to better address the needs of transgender patrons. I am an Assistant Director in a lower socioeconomic area, and would like to be able to address Ethan's transistion while his ID currently says Sarah. We currently put this information in the notes field, but I feel it does not address the issue properly. 



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Yes, yes, yes! We need a way to store (and retrieve by) alternate names, and a way to indicate the status of different variants (prefered, former, legal, etc.). See for an earlier idea on this topic.

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Thanks for linking to the earlier idea Benjamin! I think this idea is close enough to be a duplicate of the previous idea. Therefore, I'm moving this one in the attic. I'll make sure that any likes for this idea are moved over to the earlier one.