Improve Holds Stalling


Because of Opportunistic Holds capture, an available item may be on the shelf at the pickup location but another library checks in an available copy and the item goes in transit to fill the Hold at the pickup location.  This is because the item at the other library is checked in before the pickup location checks in their copy.

Holds stalling stops other items from filling the Hold for x days giving the pickup location time to check in their copy.

Problem with currently stalling behavior: (Library Setting Soft Stalling Interval)

  • All Holds are stalled even if the pickup location does not own a copy or does not have an available copy.
  • Retargetting still occurs.  So if I set the stalling to 3 days a Hold will potentially target another copy in 24 hours when all other automatic retargeting is run.
  • Currently stalling only works when set system wide at the consortia level.


  • Make stalling work for individual libraries and not require a system wide stalling.
    • Not all libraries want stalling.
  • Apply stalling to only the situation where the pickup location has an available eligible copy.
  • Stop retargetting of the Hold for duration of the stalling period.


Under review


Re: Improve Holds Stalling


The part of this related to the targeting bouncing between the top two copies is addresses in the 2.12 hold targeter re-write.  So that might take care of some of the problems for you.  Look at the --soft-retarget-interval option of the new hold targeter.

I was also under the impression that the hold stalling did work per location.  We have some locations where we have disabled hold stalling because their copies are most of the time the fastest that can be aquired.  While other sites in the same system have the standard setting.  The setting is set based on the workstation/check-in location.  Maybe you were thinking that the stallng was based on the home library of the patron that owns the hold request, or something along those lines.

We woudn't disable the stalling for some locations if the hold targeting bouncing wasn't happening.  We just had too many reports of items that retargeted to another copy between the time that the pull list was printed and when staff actually pulled the items and tried to check them in.  The stalled copies would then refuse to fill the holds.  So the new hold targeter should solve both those issues for us.