Allow users to open search results in new tabs

I'd like to be able to open item record pages from a search into a new Evergreen tab. Often in a search I have several items from a page of results that I want to compare, or just be able to view them concurrently. As it is, the only way I've found to do this is to run the same search in multiple tabs, which is time-consuming and unwieldy. I'd love to see Evergreen function more like a modern web browser in this regard, so that I could right-click a title from a results page and open it in a new tab, or even use the "Go Back" function from an item's page and have it return me to my search results in a new tab.
Along similar lines, it'd be very convenient to be able to close a tab with Ctrl-F4, just as you can open a new tab with Ctrl-T and switch between tabs with Ctrl-Tab. Basically I want Evergreen to be as similar to a tabbed web browser as possible. :) But the Ctrl-F4 feature is much less important to me than opening pages in new tabs, which would dramatically improve my search experience.


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Re: Allow users to open search results in new tabs


Adding a note that if we work on this development, we should focus on the new web client. Because the web client runs in a standard web browser, much of the functionality Walker requested will automatically be available because we will be able to use standard browser keystrokes to perform actions.

However, there is still a problem with opening search results in a new tab. I therefore think this idea should remain.

More info on this problem is available at

Re: Allow users to open search results in new tabs

Agreed - right-clicking does open the item in a new page in the browser, but it only opens the 'framed' part of the catalog and loses the surrounding staff client wrapper/context. It would be better if it could keep the staff client wrapper.