Give an option to update contact info from the Place Hold page


This was suggested to me by circ staff here.

It should be possible to update contact info either directly from the Place Hold page or else give staff the option of opening the patron's account directly from the page.  Staff may not always start from a patron's account when placing a hold and may not catch an out of date phone number/email.  The Place Hold page should also display the current phone number on the account, too.  It's a strange omission.


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Adding a word of explanation about why the day phone doesn't display on the Place Hold page. The notification phone number is totally disconnected from any phone number on the patron's account. Instead, it will automatically display a phone number here only if the user has set a default notification phone number in their settings. Staff can also set this default notification number in the patron registration form. Since there may be multiple phone numbers on a patron record (day phone, work phone, etc.), this is the way Evergreen chooses to identify a phone number that automatically populates that field.

Also, in Evergreen, phone numbers and SMS numbers are listed with each individual hold and is not linked back to the patron's account. The two are totally disconnected. The community periodically has discussions about changing the behavior so that updating the phone number on the patron record also updates the notification number in any current holds. The most recent discussion can be found here -

The e-mail address, on the other hand, is directly linked to the one that is on the patron record. 



Re: Give an option to update contact info from the Place ...


For customer self service, I would love to see just a link to the patron info update pages in the catalog.  Based on the typos I see entered into the phone notification and sms_notifiy fields, many customers have no idea that they can set a new default value for those fields.  They are entering their info each time.

Maybe just adding a box that says "Want to save time in the future, you can update your default hold notification preferences here, and you can change your email address here."  It is kind of too bad for the customer that there isn't one spot to update all contact info.  I understand why it is the way it is, it just is a little annoying to have to send them to one form for the default phone and sms settings, and another form for the email.

Also, it would be nice if they could follow those links, update their info and then be redirected back to the hold screen to continue their hold, rather than open the update info in a new window, or just loosing their current hold attempt.