Introducing the MassLNC Evergreen Development Initiative

MassLNC is pleased to announce a new program to grow membership in its development collaborative to the larger Evergreen community.

The MassLNC Evergreen Development Initiative is an opportunity for libraries and consortia running Evergreen to maximize their resources by pooling funds to sponsor exciting new features and important bug fixes.

For the past six years, the three Massachusetts consortia running Evergreen have discovered that pooling their development funds has resulted in more and larger development projects than they would have been able to fund on their own. Their cooperative development efforts have led to Evergreen projects like support for text notifications; the ability to more easily define formats represented by search filters and and icons; and widespread billing improvements, including the ability to prohibit negative balances.

The MassLNC full partners are excited at the prospect of inviting more Evergreen community members to participate in a collaborative development program that has been so effective for them.

"By working together for the past six years, and pooling ideas, expertise and resources, the three consortia of MassLNC have definitely improved the quality and flexibility of the software we have funded, which has benefited us and we hope the Evergreen community," said Ron Gagnon, Executive Director of the North of Boston Library Exchange, one of founding members of MassLNC. "We look forward to expanding that effort."

By participating at the collaborator level, new members of the MassLNC Evergreen Development Initiative will be full partners in the MassLNC development decision-making process. They will serve on the MassLNC Development Committee, the group that decides which projects will be funded, and can participate in all phases of a project, ensuring that it meets the needs of their users.

The Idea Generator membership level is available for those sites that want to help build the development pool and suggest development directions, but with a lower level of time commitment.

More information on the MassLNC Evergreen Development Initiative can be found at or by contacting MassLNC Coordinator Kathy Lussier at