Survey for public catalog development

Tell us which you improvements you most want to see in the Evergreen public catalog!

The MassLNC Development Committee is focusing on public catalog development for this fiscal year. We kicked off the year with a focus on the catalog discussion at the June 2015 MassLNC Conference. The public catalog working group reviewed the ideas raised during that discussion and identified those that are top priorities for improving the catalog.

We  now have 15 potential projects we are considering for funding for this fiscal year. The development committee is asking staff in C/W MARS, MLVC and NOBLE libraries to let us know which of these projects is most important to them by completing the prioritization exercise at

For this prioritization exercise, each respondent should imagine that they $10 to spend on development for the projects under consideration. You can spend all $10 on one project that you believe is more important than any other or you can choose to divide up the $10 (in whole dollars) among several projects. Submit the form once you have allocated all the $10 among the projects most important to you.

The survey will be open through the end of the day Friday, December 18.

Other MassLNC development in the works for this year

In addition to considering the projects in the survey, MassLNC has been engaged in several other development activities for this fiscal year.

  • As part of our focus on the catalog this year, we have kicked-off a discussion in the larger Evergreen community regarding future directions for search. We also shared the MassLNC vision for search as well as specific functionality that can help us attain this vision.
  • Equinox Software, Inc. is completing two projects that were funded in the previous fiscal year. The activity metric project will allow us to make circ, holds, and other activity a factor in the way search results are ranked. This development should be available in the March 2.10 release of Evergreen.
  • The other Equinox project funded last year is the alerts development project, which will allow libraries to control which alerts appear at checkin and checkout. Catalogers will be able to add alerts that appear at checkin only, checkout only, or during both transactions. Libraries can also opt not to see alerts when checking in or checking out missing, lost or claims returned material. Another piece of the project allows libraries to add temporary alerts on another library's copies. This project will be part of the web client.
  • We have contracted with Equinox to provide a fix for the bug where advanced search limiters appear in the subsequent basic search box - The fix will also make changes to the underlying code to reduce the number of layers a search query must go through to complete. 
  • We are engaged in conversations with Equinox about ways to improve the display of cross-references in a browse search and ways to improve the speed of keyword searches. MassLNC will soon be seeking development partners to help fund development for the cross-reference improvements.
  • We continue to be part of the development project to move to a new web client. Testing for circulation and cataloging are done, and we are awaiting some final fixes to cataloging. Work has already begun on moving reports and admin interfaces to the web client. The community plans to have the web client ready for circulation use for the March 2.10 Evergreen release.
  • For in-house development projects, we have placed three enhancements on the Evergreen 2.10 roadmap:
    • An option that will make parts more visible on the "place holds" screen,
    • A simple checkbox that will exclude electronic resources from a search,
    • and a linear view for call number search results, based on a customization made at NOBLE.
  • We are also beginning work on an in-house development project to move Syrup course reserves into the core Evergreen code.