MassLNC August 2015 Updates

MassLNC continues to stay busy throughout the summer with a new developer, an exciting event to plan for, and progress made on some critical development projects.
Welcome Jake!
MassLNC is pleased to announce the hire of a part-time developer to work on bug fixes and enhancements important to Massachusetts Evergreen libraries. Jake Litrell started working for MassLNC on July 1. Jake also does contract work for a variety of clients, including Estee Lauder and artist Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas.
Jake has been working for the past month on getting familar with the Evergreen code. He is currently working on some bug fixes as his first contributions to the project. Jake will also participate in MassLNC Development Committee meetings once they start up again in the fall.
MassLNC Welcomes the Evergreen Developer Community to Massachusetts
MassLNC and the three participating networks will host this year's Evergreen developer hack-a-way. From November 4-6, a large group of Evergreen developers will meet at NOBLE headquarters in Danvers, MA to work on Evergreen development and to discuss future technical directions for the project. We're look forward to welcoming them to our state and working with them at the hack-a-way.
Getting Ready to Say Goodbye to Negative Balances
The Evergreen code is very close to allowing libraries to prohibit negative balances in the billing system. Last week, developers merged code that should prevent negative balances from occurring through any automated processes for Evergreen sites that want to prohibit them. This code will be available in the 2.9 Evergreen release.To ensure that negative balances are entirely eliminated for those Evergreen sites, the code still requires an additional piece that will prevent negative balances when bills are manually voided. The current consensus of the developer community is to replace the existing manual void option with an "adjust to zero" option that will always adjust the bill to a zero balance. We expect that code to be complete in time for the 2.9 release.
Boolean Search Project
MassLNC funded a Boolean search project back in 2013 when evaluating ways to improve search in Evergreen. The code was never approved for inclusion in the core software. However, the original code that was delivered to MassLNC continues to work as expected and just needs some minor adjustments to bring it up to date with current versions of Evergreen. MassLNC is currently working to maintain the code so that networks can load it as a custom change to their catalogs. More information will be forthcoming on that project.
Web Client
MassLNC has been working with Evergreen developer Bill Erickson to develop a new patron registration/editor interface that uses the same technology that will be used by the rest of the web client. Although the existing patron editor could have been ported over to the web client as is, MassLNC had concerns about the speed at which the interface loaded and about the look & feel of the existing editor. Bill has started this work by creating the visual elements and layout for the interface. He is now starting the next phase of work where he will make the form functional.
Patron editor for web client
Early version of web client patron editor interface
We also expect the cataloging sprint of the web client development project to be done soon. People from all three MassLNC networks will be involved in testing cataloging functionality.
Overdrive API
MassLNC staff is working this month to load code on a test server that should provide tighter integration between the catalog and libraries' Overdrive resources. The code was developed by Project Sitka staff at BC Libraries Cooperative and should allow users to see the availability status of Overdrive titles and to check out titles/place holds on those resources from the catalog. After loading the code on the test server, we can see whether the code will support the needs of the MassLNC networks and/or whether further work needs to be done.
Other Development
Staff at MassLNC and the participating networks are also working on a few in-house development projects with the intention of contributing the code to Evergreen so that all libraries can benefit from the enhancements.
  • C/W MARS is working on a project to provide an quick way to quickly change the scope of a search. The original idea for this project was posted at
  • NOBLE is working on a project to provide a linear Call Number browse. This enhancement was included in a MassLNC RFP back in 2013, but ultimately was not funded.
  • MassLNC is working on a project to make part selection more visible when users are placing a hold - - and improvements to the "available copies" area of the catalog record -

    Display for visible parts project