Add "Test notification method" to patron account screen


Lots of times patrons call to check on holds, only to find the item has come and gone - and then of course they complain that they were never notified.  This happens with phone, email, and text notifications, with, I'm sure, a variety of reasons for the failure.

It would be helpful to have a "test notification" button next to the email and text options, so when the patron is in the library we can send a test message to their notification option of choice, to make sure it works. 

Right now, I think the only thing we can do is place something on hold for them and then wait to see if it works when that item comes in and the notification goes out.  Doing it on the spot, with a notification sent out immediately, will help desk staff troubleshoot with the patron before contacting Central Site to review the logs. Thanks.

Brian in Chelmsford

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Re: Add "Test notification method" to patron account screen


Hello, after todays meeting and discussion about this idea, I was wondering about the possibility of making the testing mandatory, or at least prompting staff and customers to do it when notification settings are changed.

"You just enabled email notification for this patron, should the system send a test email now to make sure the email account is active?".


Re: Add "Test notification method" to patron account screen

In many systems this is required and the user must confirm with a link or code in the sent message. I don't think we need go that far, but sending a confirmation or prompting users to send a test seems like a very good idea.