Option to email circulation receipts beyond checkout receipts


Whenever a staff user has the option to print a receipt, an email to patron option should appear also. This would allow staff to choose print vs. email based on the patron's preference at the time a checkout or any other type of circulation receipt is generated.

Update 11/22/2016: E-mail checkout receipts are available in 2.11, but additional work is required if we want to e-mail other circulation receipts.


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Re: Option to email checkout and other receipts

I'd love to see this as a preference in the patron record so any printable receipt defaults to email if desired.

Re: Option to email checkout and other receipts


I think a patron should be able to set an option to always print receipts, but I also think that if they don't have this set, staff should be able to print and/or e-mail the receipt, whichever the patron chooses.  Some people may not always want to get receipts (either printed or e-mailed) but want them in some circumstances -- checking out more books than usual, for example.

But maybe that means that the circ staff needs to be able to see that an e-mail receipt has been generated?

Re: Option to email checkout and other receipts

I believe it would already be possible to rig up a patron-enablable option for "email me when items are checked in, checked out, or renewed" that functions automatically with minimal effort (at most one configuration file outside of admin interfaces). The staff client wouldn't be needed, but staff also wouldn't be told that said mailing was happening in the client.

The benefit of setting it up *outside* of the staff client would be that not all circulations happen in the client to begin with. Examples include:

  • Renewal via OPAC
  • Checkout/Renewal via Selfcheck
  • Checkout/Renewal via Mobile App
  • Checkin via AMH
  • Any action via Offline Circ loading

If set up so that the message was sent daily you could also reasonably guarantee that things were grouped. If you want messages sent out more frequently than daily the actions may end up split into multiple messages, how likely would depend on how things are set up.

If there is interest I can dig into this a little more. I suspect no actual code changes would be needed, and as such it would be a documentation issue.

Re: Option to email checkout and other receipts

I like the idea as an auto function selected by the patron.  I hesitate to add more staff clicks to the checkout.

Re: Option to email checkout and other receipts


Adding a note that in 2.11, we now have an option to e-mail checkout receipts that are based on a user preference. Staff can also choose to send an e-mail receipt on a case-by-case basis. However, the original idea requested this functionality for any circulation receipt, so I think the idea should stay on the Ideas site for those who want to build this functionality further. 

However, I'm going to update the original idea to reflect this change. Thanks all!