MassLNC 2015 Conference Schedule

June 4, 2015

Hogan Campus Center at the College of the Holy Cross, Worcester


9 a.m. Coffee & pastries

9:30 a.m. Welcome Karen Demers, MassLNC Board Chair, Director of the Wilbraham Public Library

9:40 a.m. Meet MassLNC and the MassLNC Networks -- Learn about the three networks that are part of the MassLNC and how MassLNC works with them to support shared development and collaboration. Ron Gagnon, NOBLE; Eric Graham, MVLC; Tim Spindler, NOBLE: and Kathy Lussier, MassLNC

10:10 a.mBreakout 1

  • Electronic Resources in the Catalog -- The way our catalogs integrate records for electronic resources available to our users has become increasingly important as more people come to the library in search of e-books, downloadable audio/video and other electronic materials. In this session, we'll look at the different ways Evergreen can handle electronic resource records, how each network has chosen to make their e-resource records available, and future improvements we might want to see in this area.
    Presenters: Jim Keenan, C/W MARS, Jason Stephenson, MVLC, and Elizabeth Thomsen, NOBLE
  • Managing the Acquisitions Workflow - Acquisitions is one area where workflows can vary significantly from library to library. In this session, a panel of library staff will talk about how  they manage their acquisitions workflow for ordering and receiving materials. The panel will include tips for things to do (or not do) during the acquisitions process and workarounds that have been helpful. Attendees are invited to bring their own acquisitions tips and questions. Facilitated by Codey Kolasinski, C/W MARS
    Panelists: Helen Graham, Reuben Hoar Library (Littleton), Jamie Penney, Reading Public Library, Mary Wheeler, Berkshire Athenaeum (Pittsfield).
  • Evergreen Selfies - You don't need a camera for these selfies. Hear how libraries have used Evergreen for the native self-check system, self-registration, and self-serve holds.
    Presenters: Martha Driscoll, NOBLE and Barbara McNamara, Memorial Hall Library, Andover

11:05 a.m. Breakout 2

  • Reports Tips and Tricks -- Back by popular demand. Learn some handy tips that will help you with your work in the Evergreen reports module. Do you have your own tips for using reports? Feel free to share them in this interactive session.
    Joan Kranich, C/W MARS and Elizabeth Thomsen, NOBLE
  • Managing the Cataloging Workflow -- A panel of catalogers will review some of their tips for managing the cataloging workflow in Evergreen. Attendees are invited to bring their own cataloging tips and questions. Facilitated by Lauire Kulik, MVLC
    Panelists: Jackie Ellis, Haverhill Public Library, Helen Freeman, Sawyer Free Library (Gloucester), and Alex Reczkowski, Berkshire Athenaeum (Pittsfield)
  • Introduction to Acquisitions -- Is your library interested in implementing acquisitions or just curious about how acquisitions works? This session will provide a basic overview of using Evergreen acquisitions to order materials and manage funds. The intended audience is library staff who are not yet using acquisitions in Evergreen. 
    Presenters: Codey Kolasinski, C/W MARS, and Christine Morgan, NOBLE.

12:00 p.m. Lunch

12:30 p.m. What's New in Evergreen -- What new features have been added to Evergreen over the past year? We'll take a look at the features that have been added since the 2014 MassLNC conference and get information on some new features we expect to see in a future Evergreen release. We'll also take a look at the current status of the new web client that is being developed for Evergreen.
Presenter: Kathy Lussier, MassLNC

1:15 p.m. Lightning Talks --  Have you created an interesting report in Evergreen? Do you have a great way to promote the catalog to your users? Have you found something to make your workflow a little easier? Do you have a development idea you would like to pitch?  Sign up for a five-minute lightning talk where you can share something interesting you have done in Evergreen.

1:45 p.m. Focus on the Catalog -- The catalog is the most visible part of the Evergreen system, the one piece that is seen and used by all our library users. We want it to be inviting, easy to use, and able to retrieve the search results we are looking for. During this conference-wide session we'll look at the changes we've seen in the Evergreen catalog and look to the future on where we should be focusing our development efforts. Breakout groups will identify their top wishlist items, with a goal of coming up with a consensus on the next enhancements that should be done for the catalog. Facilitated by Kathy Lussier, MassLNC.

2:45 p.m.  Breakout 3

  • Catalog Potpourri - In this session, we'll consider a mixture of topics related the public catalog, including how networks can change the look of the catalog to best meet the needs of their users and how we can get the most out of searching the catalog. Each network will showcase some of the local customizations they have made to the Evergreen catalog. We'll also take a behind-the-scenes look at the code that is used to make these changes. We'll also offer some search tips for the catalog and show how search may differ from network to network.
    Presenters: Jim Keenan, C/W MARS, Elizabeth Thomsen, NOBLE, and Susan Wagner, MVLC.
  • Evergreen Development Process: From Seed to Fruition - How does an enhancement get from the idea stage to new code that is added to the Evergreen system? In this session, we'll talk about how library staff can get their ideas into the MassLNC development process. We'll also see what happens to those ideas once they reach the implementation stage and how the Evergreen community manages its development process.
    Presenters: MassLNC Development Committee Chair Jeff Klapes, Lucius Beebe Memorial Library (Wakefield), Kathy Lussier, MassLNC, Evergreen 2.9 Release Manager, Jason Stephenson, MVLC.
  • Academic Discussion Group - This session is an opportunity for library staff from academic libraries to discuss features and issues of interest to their libraries. Topics might include the Syrup academic reserves system and development ideas that have been raised by the Evergreen Academic Interest Group.
    Facilitators: Martha Driscoll, NOBLE and Jeanette Lundgren, C/W MARS.
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